Lab Companion, JEIO TECH

A leading manufacturer of experimental equipment in Korea that supplies stable experimental equipment all over the world.


Founded in 1988, JEIO TECH, which started from the dream of localizing experimental equipment, has now reached its 31th anniversary. Thanks to the support of our customers, we have grown into a leading manufacturer of experimental equipment in Korea that supplies stable experimental equipment all over the world. In the lab area, we use Lab Companion as we pursue our vision of becoming a ‘Companion in Laboratory’. In the environmental reliability testing area, we are using our company’s name as it is and are active in the global market using the JEIO TECH brand.

Lab Companion

We are ‘Companion in Laboratory’ JEIO TECH. We use a brand name ‘Lab Companion‘ embracing the meaning of establishment our company. Lab Companion supplies not only the excellent experimental equipment manufactured by JEIO TECH but also various equipment according to the needs in laboratory at global through cooperation with the other main brand for lab use. Lab companion dreams providing the better the laboratory environment through agonizing and searching for a solution with researchers and experimenters of lab. Lab Companion —Korea representative brands, we accompany you from purchasing the laboratory equipment to building a good lab.

Highlight Products


LC Connected
You can check the operation status of your equipment anytime and anywhere, allowing you to use your time more efficiently.


Temp. & Humid. Chamber
It is equipped with a dedicated controller that enhances the user’s convenience, and the improved water supply line makes it possible to replenish water at the optimum time, making it excellent environmental testing equipment.

about_forced convection oven

Forced Convection Oven
It provides excellent temperature uniformity with airflow optimized for uniform heat transfer.

about_forced convection oven

Natural Convection Oven
The inside air is heated by the heater located on the bottom, so there are no concerns about scattering of the sample.

about_vacuum oven

Vacuum Oven
It provides excellent temperature uniformity with variation of less than ±1.5°C at 100°C.


Forced convection Incubator & Natural Convection Incubator
It is a forced convection incubator with excellent temperature uniformity maintained through forced convection using an internal fan. It is a natural convection incubator that minimizes scattering and contamination of samples using air-jacket type heat transfer function.

about_incubated shaker

Incubated shaker, Stackable
The height of platform of the upper portion of triple stackable units is only
150 cm, and thus is convenient to remove and attach samples by pulling out the platform easily using a rail mechanism.

about_Electrophoresis system

Electrophoresis system and power supply
It is a means of power supply that has been proven safe through electrophoresis device, which is essential for life science experiments, and CE certification.


Compact refrigerator (laboratory / Pharmacy)
The compact size of 73 L allows for even better spacious efficiency, and double digital door lock provides enhanced security, which consists of the inner drawer locking device and outer door locking device.

Safety Storage & Cabinet


Storage of Flammable / Combustible Materials
In case of an unexpected fire that may occur at any time, flammable and combustible materials must be stored in a suitable location. Lab Companion’s flammable hazardous material storage cabinets to be certified the strictest EN 14470-1 standard, is the best choice.


Storage of corrosive substances such as strong acids and strong bases
The structure is optimized for long-term safe storage of corrosive substances such as strong acids and strong bases used in experiments and processes. It is composed of a solid steel structure and corrosion-resistant interior material, and provides differentiated safety performance due to its space specific exhaust structure.


Reagent cabinet with built-in circulation filter
It is a reagent cabinet in which air flow is uniformly formed and the harmful gas is adsorbed through the internal filter. It is safe from fine particles and gas as it is equipped with Lab Companion’s exclusive carbon filter and HEPA filter.


Physically / Chemically robust cabinets
It is a reagent cabinet consisting of a polypropylene drawer and a stable structure with a rigid steel frame coated with epoxy. Choice provided depending on the usage, including glass window door type, no sunlight exposure, tabletop type, under table type, etc.


Safe storage of high-pressure cylinders
Cylindrical high-pressure containers must be prevented from falling and must be properly protected from unexpected external impact. High-pressure cylinders can be safely stored in Lab Companion’s exclusive solid steel storage cabinets for peace of mind.