MSA-517 Magnetic stirring bar for MS-B, G, M, T Series(Cylindrical, 8x50mm)


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Accessories for MS-B, G, M, T Series

Cylindrical Magnetic Bar

  • Smooth and round shape.
  • The most commonly used magnetic bar for a variety of applications.


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Features of Magnetic Bar

  • Chemically stable with PTFE inert material.
  • Completely sealed structure with no cracks or pores.
  • Smooth finish to avoid absorption or cross contamination.
  • Working Temperature Range: up to +280°C.
  • Can be sterilized using chemical or physical (thermal) methods. (except γ Radiation)
  • Magnet-ALNICOV, PTFE Coated.
    ※ The size of the magnetic bar is the average value, and there may be an error of ±5% in
    length and ±10% in diameter.
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D (mm / inch) 8 / 0.31
L (mm / inch) 50 / 1.96
Cat. No. BCW1150