RW3-0525 Refrigerated & Heating Bath Circulator including RS-232 interface and software(5L)


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General Type
Stable internal/external temperature control

  • Various temperature range and capacity.
  • Smart refrigerating system.
  • 120V 60Hz


In stock (can be backordered)

General Type

  • Alert function when deviation from control temperature upper limit and lower limit occurs.
  • Easy and convenient to use with simple operation.
  • Clear VFD panel for clear information display.
  • Applies smart refrigeration system using Lab Companion’s technology.
  • Optimized control reduces overall power consumption.
  • Easily removable condenser grill structure.
  • Equipped with advanced filter with flat plate structure. in refrigeration condenser.
  • Compact structure design.

Structural Functional Features

  • Internal circulation and internal/external circulation of solution.
  • Refrigerator stopped automatically when it rises too high of temperature, saving power, extending freezer life, and reducing noise generation.
  • High-efficiency refrigeration through application of electronic expansion valve.
  • Built-in bath cover with handle.
  • Internal bath with seamless integral structure.
    (except RW3-3025, 3035 models)
  • Stainless steel material inside and at the top of the bath is excellent in terms of corrosion resistance and clean maintenance.
  • Left and right handles for convenient handling.
  • Drain valve for easy draining of bath solution.
  • Easy-to-clean refrigerator condenser filter.
  • Equipped with easy-to-move/install caster.
  • 8 models provided according to temperature range, capacity, etc.
  • 5-steps pump speed adjustment with simple operation.

Outstanding Safety

  • Top-rated overheating protection system.
    (Registration KR 10-0397583)
  • Over temperature limiting function.
  • Prevention of mal-operation with controller lock function.
  • Check and alert of temperature sensor abnormality.
  • If an error occurs during operation, the details of the error are displayed on the screen and an alarm is sounded.
  • Safe structure in which the heater, sensor, and pump inside the bath are separated by covering plates.

Use Convenience Features

  • Temperature calibration of up to 3 points provides more reliable temperature control.
  • Optimized control with auto-tuning.
  • Save and use 3 frequently used temperatures.
  • Wait On/Off timer. (up to 999 hours 59 minutes)
  • Microprocessor PID method for precise temperature control.
  • USB/RS-232 connection and software provide convenient computer operation and data management.
  • Notification of low solution. (low level limiter)
  • Automatic restart of operation when power is restored after power failure.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected. (mobile monitoring system)
    (when purchased LC GreenBox)

Pump Capacity

Single-Action refrigeration condenser grill structure allows for
detaching and attaching without additional tools.


The drain valve located on the side is simple and convenient to use
as it is ball valve type.
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Weight 102 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 21 × 32 in
Bath volume (L / cu ft) 5 / 0.2
Working temp. range (℃ / ℉) -25 to 150 / -13 to 302
Temp. stability1) (±℃ / ℉) 0.05 / 0.09
Cooling capacity
at +20℃ (+68℉), W 400
at 0℃ (+32℉), W 270
at -20℃ (-4℉), W 140
Bath opening / depth (W x L, D) (mm / inch) 150 x 99 x 160 / 5.9 x 3.9 x 6.3
Exterior (W x L x H) (mm / inch) 308 x 480 x 733 / 12.1 x 18.9 x 28.9
Net weight (kg / lbs) 37 / 81.6
Electrical requirements (120V, 60Hz, A) 12.6
Cat. No. AAH57043U

※ Technical data (according to DIN 12876)
1) Bath fluid : Ethanol at -10℃ / 14℉

Voltage Hertz Phase Plug Type
120 50/60 1P Type B l NEMA 5