Terms and Conditions of Sale


This price list supercedes all prior price lists or quotations for like merchandise. The prices shown herein are not intended to represent actual resale prices in any particular market. No obligation is assumed by Jeio Tech (the “Company”) to sell the goods listed herein or in its catalog to any person, at any price. All orders are subject to credit approval and acceptance by the Company at its home office in Billerica, MA.


Prices, Taxes and Minimum Charge

Prices are subject to change without notice and all orders are accepted at the prices prevailing at time of shipment. All prices listed herein will be increased by any tax imposed by any governmental body. All orders for goods with a total invoice price of less then $50 net will be billed at $50.



The Company’s responsibility ceases upon delivery of the material in good order to the carrier. Delivery to the carrier shall constitute delivery to the Buyer. The Company is not responsible for delays in deliveries which are due to unavailability of raw materials, fire, flood, accident, strike, embargo, war, labor stoppage, inadequate transportation, delay or default by vendors, government regulations or any other causes beyond its control.
All delivery dates are subject to credit approval and account status at time shipment is to be made. No shipment will be made if the Buyer’s account is in arrears or if shipment would cause any applicable credit limit to be exceeded.
In the event that a performance or supply bond is in effect, the Buyer must give the Company thirty days’ prior written notice before submitting any claim under any such bond.



The prices shown herein are based upon products being packed for shipment in the Company’s standard packaging. Prices are subject to change if special packaging or marking is required.



All products are carefully manufactured, tested, inspected and packed. The Company unconditionally warrants all products against manufacturing defects. If any item, within one year after purchase, proves defective due to faulty workmanship or material, the Company will, at its option, repair the defective item or furnish a new item of the same type. No labor, transportation or other consequential damages will be allowed in any such case. Any modification, alteration or repair to an item manufactured by the Company by other than an authorized representative of the Company will nullify this warranty.
As the installation and use of the Company’s products is beyond its control, no warranty of any kind is made by the Company as to the effects of such use or the results to be obtained therefrom. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to select the appropriate product for the use which is intended and which will satisfy any applicable governmental codes, rules and regulations. The Company is not responsible for any losses which may result from selection and/or installation of products which are unsuitable or improper for a particular application, or which do not satisfy governmental codes, rules or regulations.



If shipment of material is not received within 10 days after receipt of invoice, the Company must be notified at once. Otherwise, no claim will be honored for failure to receive shipment. No claim for shortage will be honored unless the Company is notified in writing within 5 days after receipt of shipment.


Returned Goods

No material may be returned without prior written authorization. All returns are subject to a 25% or $50 minimum handling charge and any expense necessary to put material in saleable condition.


Product Changes

Due to the continuing improvement of products and other factors, the Company reserves the right to substitute material and/or to make changes in design, rough-in dimensions or other specifications shown and described in any of our printed literature. Such changes may be made without notice to the Buyer.

The above terms and conditions and any terms and conditions contained in the Company’s printed acknowledgement or invoice apply regardless of any printed terms on the Buyer’s order.