CPS-350 Microplate Shaker US Plug


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Exclusive Shaker for microplates and tubes

  • Suitable for sample mixing for microplates, tubes etc.
  • Tube rack as optional accessory.
  • 100-240V, 50/60Hz


Available on backorder

Structural Functional Features

  • Suitable for sample mixing with microplate, microtube and conical-tube at a maximum rpm of 1200.
  • Orbital motion with shaking radius of 3 mm.
  • Smooth shaking start control.
  • Count-down timer. (up to 99 hours and 59 minutes)
  • Displays the elapsed time.
  • Various tube rack accessories.

Use Convenience Features

  • It can be used in a temperature chamber such as cold room or incubator because it can be used at ambient temperatures between 2°C and 60°C.
  • Small size and light weight provide good mobility and usability in various laboratory environments and experiment requirements.
  • Accurate shaking control according to sample weight with PID feedback control.
  • Easy to operate with clear VFD display, touch keys and control knobs.
  • Displays the sett rpm and actual rpm simultaneously, and displays timer operation information.

Outstanding Safety

  • Self-checks for errors.
  • Body made from PP material with excellent chemical resistance.
  • Protected from overcurrent.
SKU: AAH3C1115U Category:
Shaking system
Motion type Orbital
Speed range (rpm) with 4 Microplates 150 to 1200
Orbit size (mm / inch, dia) 3 / 0.12
Speed control Feedback control
Timer Run time : 1min ~ 99hr 59min
Tray (W x D, mm / inch) 269 x 185 / 10.6 x 7.3
Body (W x D x H, mm / inch) 269 x 325 x 128 / 10.6 x 12.8 x 5.0
Net weight (Kg / lbs) 7.7 / 17
Electrical requirements AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Cat. No. AAH3C1115U

※ When operating at room temperature after use at low temperature, it may be affected by condensation. We recommend that you turn on the power after leaving at room temperature for a while.