BC-11H Clean Bench (Advanced type)

Advanced type
Easy to use with dual controller and smart system

  • Convenient dual controller (outside and inside of chamber).
  • Fully compliant with validation requirements.
  • 120V 60Hz Stand (AAAB1621 $596.64) optional 44.7 x 24.2 x 72.1 374.8lbs

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Structural Functional Features

  • Dedicated controller and digital airflow sensor allow for operation at set wind speed even with fluctuations in sash height, minimizing power consumption and dramatically increasing HEPA filter life.
  • Polyester fiber pre-filter extends the life of the HEPA filter.
  • High-performance HEPA filter provides a clean environment. (99.99% removal of 0.3 μm particles)
    (ISO Class 5, US Federal Class 100)
  • Formation of reliable and uniform laminar flow through application of specialized diffusing muffler system.
  • Easy to replace the filter on the front panel.
  • Easy to move and fix the device.

Use Convenience Features

  • Displays the temperature and humidity inside the workspace.
  • Warning provided when the sash door is opened over the recommended height during operation.
  • Easy and smooth sash door operation.
  • Provides a quiet environment with minimal noise.
  • Easy to operate with clear VFD and touch keys.
  • UV lamp, fluorescent lamp, blower-dedicated button.
  • Easy to check wind speed, temperature and humidity.

Outstanding Safety

  • Smart door system protects the experimenter from UV light exposure.
  • Toughened glass sash door blocks UV light.
  • Protected from overcurrent.


Product Configuration For Easy Use

Easy operation during use with dual controller

  • Equipped with the same controller inside and outside, it is convenient to operate the equipment even during work.

Built-in gas and air connection valves and power outlet

  • Valves for gas and air use inside.
  • Built-in electrical outlet with cover provided.

Smart Door System (patent registered)

  • When the sash door is opened during UV sterilization, the UV lamp is automatically turned off to protect from UV exposure and the fluorescent lamp and blower are automatically operated. (registration 10-1451382)

Smart Maintenance

  • HEPA filter replacement notification
    Real time monitoring of HEPA filter status with digital differential pressure sensor and automatic replacement notification.
  • UV lamp replacement notification
    UV irradiation intensity is monitored by a UV sensor, and an automatic replacement notification is provided when irradiation intensity drops below 80%.

Clear VFD for easy identification of information
SKU: AAHA5023U Category:
Air flow type Vertical Laminar Flow
Airflow velocity (m/sec/fpm) 0.3 / 59
Main filter HEPA (99.99% at 0.3 ㎛)
Pre-filter Polyester Fibers
U.V. lamp (254 nm, W) 25 x 1ea
Fluorescent lamp (W) 30 x 2ea
Fluorescent lamp intensity (Lux) more than 650
Exterior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 1135 x 620 x 1860 / 44.7 x 24.4 x 73.2
Exterior without stand(W x D x H, mm / inch) 1135 x 620 x 1150 / 44.7 x 24.4 x 45.3
Interior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 945 x 585 x 670 / 37.2 x 23.0 x 26.4
Net weight (kg / lbs) 140 / 308.6
Net weight (body + stand) (kg / lbs) 170 / 374.8
Electrical requirements (120V, 1ph) 60Hz / 2.62 A
Cat. No. AAHA5013U
Voltage Hertz Phase Plug Type
120 60 1P Type B l NEMA 5