UVC-11 UV Cabinet AAHB4013U


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Clean environment due to sterilization and removal of sources of contamination with UV light

  • Sterilization using UV lamp.
  • Count-down timer.
  • 120V, 60Hz


Available on backorder

Structural Functional Features

  • Built-in fluorescent lamp makes it easy to see inside.
  • Compact design makes installation and movement convenient.
  • VFD display allows for easy checking of operation status.

Use Convenience Features

  • Convenient handling of equipment due to convenient front opening.
  • Three sizes of models according to the cabinet size.
  • Digital-type UV timer function.
    (up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds)

Outstanding Safety

  • Block UV 99.9% on the front/ left / right side with acrylic material.
  • When the door is opened, the UV light is turned off automatically to protect the user and the fluorescent lamp is operated, making it convenient to use.
  • Protection from overcurrent.

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U.V. Density (μW/cm2) 300 ± 10%
U.V. lamp (254 nm, W) 15
Fluorescent lamp (W) 15
Fluorescent lamp intensity (Lux) more than 900
Window (Front, Sides, Rear) Acryl (Clear)
Window (Rear) Powder coated steel
U.V. protection 99.9%
Working table Stainless steel
Exterior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 600 x 509 x 610 / 23.6 x 20 x 24
Interior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 583 x 500 x 468 / 23 x 19.7 x 18.4
Net weight (kg / lbs) 17.5 / 38.6
Electrical requirements (120V, 1ph) 60Hz, 0.4A
Cat. No. AAHB4013U
Voltage Hertz Phase Plug Type
120 60 1P NEMA 5-15