ISS-3075 Incubated Shaker(80L)

Stackable type
Double stackable for space efficiency

  • Double-stacked for space saving.
  • Also, easy to use a general incubator.
  • 120V, 60Hz

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Structural Functional Features

  • Best space-efficient model with double stacking.
  • Up to 80°C, 500rpm enables setting of various experimental conditions.
  • Utilized as an incubator using the shelves.
  • Three operating modes: Temperature & Shaking, Temperature, or Shaking.
  • Includes internal power outlet.
  • Shaking structure with minimized vibration.

Use Convenience Features

  • Accurate rpm and temperature control through temperature auto-tuning / microprocessor PID and calibration.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected. (mobile monitoring system)
    (when purchased LC GreenBox)
  • Countdown timer (999 hours 59 minutes) of shaking operation.
  • Intuitive operation with color touch display.
  • High brightness / low-power LED illumination makes it easy to observe inside.
  • Spill drain port for internal cleanliness and easy maintenance.

Outstanding Safety

  • Electronic over temperature protection system.
    (advanced over temperature (A-OT) limiter)
    Independent precision temperature sensor and controller provides more secure and reliable over temperature protection.
  • Conventional over-temperature protection system.
    (B-OT, backup over temperature limiter)
    A backup device against electronic system failure, mechanically preventing over temperature even when there are electronic errors.
  • Soft start and stop shaking function.
  • Malfunction prevented by controller lock function.
  • Displays all information such as device operation and error occurrence.
  • Overcurrent protection device restricts operation when objects are caught inside the system and shaking is not possible.

Smart Self-diagnosis

  • Real-time self-diagnostics to check equipment for abnormal conditions.
  • Alarm is generated by monitoring difference between actual rpm/temperature and set rpm/temperature.
  • Automatic rpm adjustment when device instability occurs.
    (high rpm, overload, weight imbalance, etc.)
  • Detects abnormal conditions relating to the platform on which the sample is placed and stops the operation.
  • Automatic restart as it was operated after power recovery.

Use the stacking kitI B
for double stacked (option)

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Dimensions 36 × 26 × 42 in
Range (℃ / ℉) Amb. +5 to 80 / Amb. +9 to 176
Fluctuation at 37℃ (±℃ / ℉) in flask 0.1 / 0.18
Variation at 37℃ (±℃ / ℉) in flask 0.5 / 0.90
Refrigerator (Hp)
Shaking system
Motion type Orbital
Speed range (rpm) 20 to 500
(stackable : 20 to 250)
Max. speed per permissible load (rpm) 500 (max. 10 kg / 22.0 Ibs)
400 (max. 15 kg / 33.1 Ibs)
250 (max. 15 kg / 33.1 Ibs) – Stacked
Amplitude size (mm / inch, dia.) 19.1 / 0.75
Speed stability2) (rpm, %) ±1
Timer (count-down) 999 hr 59 min.
Chamber volume (L / cu ft) 80 / 2.8
Platform (W x D, mm / inch) 350 x 350 / 13.8 x 13.8
Interior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 440 x 440 x 418 / 17.3 x 17.3×16.5
Exterior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 578 x 815 x 854 / 22.8 x 32.1 x 33.6
Quantity of shelves (standard/max.) 2 / 8
Net weight (Kg / lbs) 153 / 337.3
Electrical requirements (120V, A) 60Hz, 9.5
Cat. No. AAH23415U

1) The temperature control range of the ISS-3075 and ISS-4075 models are from 5°C above the ambient temperature (15°C to 40°C) to 80°C.
The temperature control range of the ISS-3075R and ISS-4075R models is from 20°C lower than the ambient temperature. (18°C to 35°C) of the device to 80°C. (However, the lowest control temperature is 4°C)
2) Actual rpm allowable error for set rpm is ±1rpm if setting is less than 100rpm, ±1% if setting is higher than 100rpm.