OF-02P Forced Convection Oven (60L, Programmable)

Program type
Convenient program control function

  • Programmable temperature control.
  • LCD color tough screen.
  • 120V, 60Hz


OF-02P is no longer available. Please click here to view OF4-05P.

Structural Functional Features

  • Wide temperature range that can be controlled up to 250°C.
  • Intuitive operation with color touch display.
  • Airflow optimized for uniform heat transfer.
  • Superior insulation and enclosed design minimize energy loss and reduce operating costs.
  • Easy to open and close the door. Soft handle minimizes shock to the sample.
  • Stainless steel interior and shelves are excellent in terms of corrosion resistance and clean maintenance.
  • Easy to clean as inner edges are curved.
  • Two vent holes for gas discharge at the top.

Use Convenience Features

  • 3-point temperature calibration, high temperature accuracy over a wide temperature range.
  • Precise temperature control with temperature auto-tuning.
  • Easy to adjust air circulation speed.
  • Wait On/Off timer. (up to 99 hours 59 minutes)
  • Microprocessor PID method for precise temperature control.
  • Displays all major operation information on the main screen.
  • Operation and data management with computer connection.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected. (mobile monitoring system)
    (when purchased LC GreenBox)
  • Automatic restart of operation when power is restored after sudden power failure.

Outstanding Safety

  • Top-rated overheating protection system.
    (registration 10-0397583)
  • Over temperature limit function.
  • Safety circuit design to protect against overcurrent and overheating.
  • Equipment surface that is safe to use even at higher temperatures.
  • Safe surface temperature even when operating at higher temperatures.
  • Triple-toughened viewing window for safe and convenient observation even at high temperatures. (OF-PW)
  • Malfunction prevented by controller lock function.
  • Self-diagnostics function to check abnormal condition of temperature sensor.

Program Type

  • Possible to set and save 10 programs.
  • Up to 10 steps can be set per program.
  • Set time up to 99 hours and 59 minutes per step.
  • Includes useful scheduler management functions such as program operation range and repeat interval setting.
  • Program repetition possible up to 99 times.
  • Possible to set temperature rise time. (maximum 4.7°C/min)
  • Digital Input / Output function makes it easy to connect external equipment.

SKU: AAH12553U Category:
Chamber volume (L / cu ft) 60 / 2.1
Range (℃ / ℉) Amb. +10 to 250 / Amb. +18 to 482
Fluctuation at 100℃ (±℃ / ℉) 0.5 / 0.9
Variation at 100℃ (±℃ / ℉) 1.0 / 1.8
Heating time to 100℃ (min.) 9
Recovery time at 100℃ (min.) 2
Interior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 400 x 360 x 420 / 15.7 x 14.2 x 16.5 (each chamber)
Exterior (W x D x H, mm / inch) 577 x 642 x 760 / 22.7 x 25.3 x 30
Net weight (Kg / lbs) 53 / 117
Quantity of shelves (standard/max.) 2 / 4
Max. Load per shelf (Kg / lbs) 30 / 66
Electrical requirements (120V, 60Hz, A) 6.8
Cat. No. AAH12553U

※ The lowest temperature that can be controlled depends on changes in room temperature and sample temperature. Therefore, please contact the distributor of our products before purchasing for technical consultation.
※ Technical data (according to DIN 12880, before 2013)

Voltage Hertz Phase Plug Type
120 50/60 1P Type B l NEMA 5